It all starts with a conversation

“I honestly don´t know where to start. After only 5 sessions, I feel on top of the world. I would get anxiety mostly every day and I couldn´t bring myself to leave the house, or it would take me all day just to do one task. I would put everything off until I couldn´t anymore. I felt like anxiety was a cloud that was following me around and was so heavy and suffocating. I gave up singing, training (I´m a professional athlete so this was very tough), and just living. I had a huge fear of making phone calls and also answering them. I just felt stuck. I didn´t believe in myself, not one bit. Then I had one session a week with Al and I noticed improvements even after the first session. I can´t speak highly enough about Al, he is very genuine, positive and easy to talk to which is the best for someone who fears people! I now feel like I´m finally living life and just being me. I feel motivated, I make plans, I have been trying new things, meeting new people, singing, training, and answering/making phone calls. The cloud has gone, I feel all light and carefree. I can´t put into words how great Al´s sessions are. What I really liked was that instead of just talking about the problems, he finds the root (and you might be very surprised at what it actually is!) and uses techniques and exercises to re wire your brain. I can´t express how happy I am and I am very grateful. Thank you.”

“When I first came to see Al I was a little apprehensive as I wasn´t sure what to expect. The first session we just talked, 2nd session was the ´hypnotherapy´. When we finished (after a lot of tears) I was gobsmacked, I felt so different, lighter, happier and with a drive to persue what I wanted to do, (I had a fear of exams) notice I said had! I can´t believe it, what a difference. Al is so easy to talk to and I wouldn´t hesitate to recommend him to anyone. I did a test at work yesterday, had no problems and got 94% how´s that for a result. I have no doubts in my mind that I can achieve what ever I want in life. This could not have been done without Al. Thank you so much.”

“A truly life changing experience! I have been crippled with fear of going to my dentist for decades. Only two sessions later I´m now feeling completely indifferent to a previous debilitating experience. It has done wonders for my confidence level as well. I would recommend Al´s service to anybody who suffers from phobia´s or low confidence.”

“I came to Al with a fear of crowds, going out and doing normal things. Since seeing Al I have been able to go to busy places such as the cinema. Feeling more positive and in a much better place.”