Testimonials from some previous clients

“When I first came to see Al I was a little apprehensive as I wasn´t sure what to expect. The first session we just talked, 2nd session was the “hypnotherapy”. When we finished (after a lot of tears) I was gobsmacked, I felt so different, lighter, happier and with a drive to persue what I wanted to do, (I had a fear of exams) notice I said had! I can´t believe it, what a difference. Al is so easy to talk to and I wouldn´t hesitate to recommend him to anyone. I did a test at work yesterday, had no problems and got 94% how´s that for a result. I have no doubts in my mind that I can achieve what ever I want in life. This could not have been done without Al. Thank you so much.”

Mrs B. Farnborough

“A truly life changing experience! I have been crippled with fear of going to my dentist for decades. Only two sessions later I´m now feeling completely indifferent to a previous debilitating experience. It has done wonders for my confidence level as well. I would recommend Al´s service to anybody who suffers from phobia´s or low confidence.”

Mrs S. Chiswick

“I came to Al with a fear of crowds, going out and doing normal things. Since seeing Al I have been able to go to busy places such as the cinema. Feeling more positive and in a much better place.”

Mr N. Lightwater