Is it normal to feel this stressed before an exam?

What if you could master that stress before you sit down to take the exam?

We all feel nervous or anxious at times and during the build up to exams this can, for some people become overwhelming, to the point of affecting their performance during the exam itself.

Welcome to MYES a course designed and run initially for students at Brunel University to help them cope better with their stress connected to their finals, dissertations, viva's and even PHD's. After running a pilot we have since been asked to return to run the course again and again with some fairly amazing results!

From our previous courses at Brunel University, the students have the opotunity to give us feedback (to help us shape our future courses) and we have had the following results taken from students who attended all the modules

  • 77.7% experienced an increase in well being
  • 77.7% experienced a decrease in anxiety
  • 72.2% experience a decrease in depression

Along with some very positive student feedback

  • “The most valuable about this course was learning and realizing about all the techniques that are there to help me in my everyday life. It made me look through stress days/moments differently.”
  • “This course helped me to realise that I have all the resources to handle stressful situations. The techniques, especially anchoring has taught me how I can refocus and control my anxiety during challenging situations”
  • “I can honestly say that this course has, in some ways, been like a lifeline for me. It has made me feel welcome and safe even with all my flaws and issues.”

Our aim is not just to hand over skills for dealing with exam stress but to teach transferable skills that can help in other areas of life, like job interviews, business meetings, planning events.

Using techniques taken from NLP and the power of wordweaving™, which is unique to Cognitive Hypnotherapy, we teach students to take control of unwanted feelings and emotions to give themselves a better understanding of how to approach an exam.

As a school you have different options to choose from for your students. Each course is designed to accomodate upto a maximum of 20 students. We can offer a generic four module course designed to run over four weeks with email support throughout for your cohort, up to a bespoke five module course to run over five weeks, tailor made around the students preferred learning styles with all relevant paperwork provided by us.

For more information or to make an appointment for a free presentation, to either members of staff or perhaps the cohort themselves, please call or email me.