Its all about me. (Well, this bit anyway.)

I feel I have been very fortunate. For almost 30 years I worked in the music industry as a record producer and got to work with some amazing people and make some fantastic records. As difficult to admit, as I still sometimes find it, I have been very succesful at it, achieving numerous gold and platinum awards in most major territories. However, I have always put my success down to two things. The ability of the people I worked with, alongside my ability to get the best out of them, especially during the times when they doubted themselves and their abilities.

My old office.

Before I had learned anything about the conscious and subconscious mind, I would spend all my time helping musicians and singers to deliver their best performance, "without thinking about it too much". I have always loved working with people and over the years being able to help them achieve their goals and dreams, has been an amazing journey, which I am truly greatful to have been on. To help someone find the confidence to strive for something they want and then see what they are capable of doing to reach it, is truly amazing.

My new office.

It is a lot more low tech than high tech and it is certainly more comfortable and yes, it is definitely a lot quieter than my old office.

We are, none of us, less able or deserving, of achieving our goals.

However, it was when I was introduced to Cognitive Hypnotherapy (and I have to give my wife all the credit), I felt like I was learning the theory behind what I had been doing, with my artists, in the studio for years. My curiosity got the better of me and I wanted to learn more about this new and different approach to hypnotherapy. Truthfully, I was a tiny bit sceptical when I enrolled with the Quest Institute. But when I started my training and as my studies continued, I suddenly realized that I had discovered something which made complete sense to me and was an amazing tool to help us 're-programme' the way we operate.