How does Cognitive Hypnotherapy work and is it for you?

When you are stuck in traffic or on a train journey and find yourself staring into space, during a commercial break on the TV, when you suddenly realise that you were “somewhere else”. These are simply altered states of consciousness which are commonplace and it is when we are in these states that our conscious mind is not in control. It is also while we are in this altered state, that our subconscious is more accessible and able to be interpreted and reprogrammed or re framed.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy is like a conversation between you and me where we discuss your issue and any underlying habits within it. There is no 'swinging pendant' and I will not put you in some kind of deep sleep. You will be in control at all times. You cannot be made to do anything that you do not want to do. While you may have your eyes closed and be listening to my voice, you will at all times, know where you are, what you are doing and, of course, you can open your eyes whenever you feel like it.

While I am usually quite good at explaining things, I think you might prefer to hear an explaination of how Cognitive Hypnotherapy works by it's founder and, luckily for me, the person who trained me, Trevor Sylvester. It is only 3 minutes and is a very simple explaination